Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Teaching Green to Middle Schoolers

We've got a book on our shelves that teachers or parents of sixth to eighth graders might find handy.

Teaching Green: The Middle Years contains over 50  lessons and teaching strategies concerning resources, sustainability, green technology, and global connections for junior high-aged kids who are just the right age to get involved and get active about these sorts of things.

Seeing a young person take on a project for him or herself is super satisfying and good for every body, all around. This book can help make that happen.

And if you want to get involved in a sustainable school project, consider signing up with Dave Eggers' Once Upon a School Project (his TED-granted wish last year).  Its goal is to collect 1,000 positive stories from different schools across the country where adults are getting involved in and making a difference in public schools.  Even if you don't participate in it per say, there are still loads of inspiring ideas for you or young people you know to read and ponder.  

Just think of the possibilities--stormwater campaigns, tree plantings, community gardens, recycling, peer tutoring, clean ups, organic, local food choices-- the possibilities are endless.

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