Friday, October 03, 2008

Smarter, More Sustainable Sinks

We talk a lot about water conservation in Silver Lake and Los Angeles at large.  And we're always encouraged by the front and backyards around us that boast native, drought-tolerant plants and the people who do water-saving practices like watering plants after sundown as most H2O use occurs outside the home, taking care of lawns and the like.  Find out more about outdoor conservation here.

For inside water use, we've just gotten in a very smart product indeed, made in Los Angeles, go figure.  The smart faucet eliminates the water dribbling from our faucets when we don't need it.  And, it makes that happen much more easily than if we had to reach up and turn off the knob every time we lather our hands or stop to scrub a pan.  Plus, it's got an aerator in there so when it is running, it's not gushing.

See that black lever in the photo?  After you turn the faucet on, if you're not putting pressure on that lever, the water stops.

We hope you'll come into the store and find out more about how to save this precious resource in your home or apartment.

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