Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love Food, Hate Waste

In these economic times, everybody's looking to save some green.  And since it's still Sustainable Kitchen month at All Shades, we want to share with you a website that will help you save some dough by making your food last longer.

At UK website Love Food, Hate Waste, you can find all sorts of tips to make your produce, bread and everything else stay fresh.

Some of its daily tips:

*freeze fresh peppers for later use.
*add a sad-looking banana to a curry.
*soak grains before cooking them and save gas while you cook by reducing simmer time.
*line your fridge's crisper with paper to absorb moisture.

You can do your own perusing to find out how to make bread and cakes, dairy and eggs, fruitveggies, and more all go the extra mile.

And check out other ways to save like making a list and making the most of leftovers.

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