Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How Do I Recycle That? (Athletic Shoes)

Sunnier days mean more time spent outdoors. If your hiking, biking, walking, and general outdoorsyness kicks into gear in the summer, you may be thinking about replacing your athletic shoes.

Before you toss the old ones in the trash, consider recycling them instead! (You can always donate an old pair, but let's face it: if you don't no longer want them, it's a good bet no one else will either.)

Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe Program lets you drop old sneaks of any brand at certain Nike stores (here in L.A., the Niketown on Wilshire is a drop off location) and they'll grind em up and make something new out of them. It's a closed loop system where you use your shoes for playing and then send them on to be recreated into a playing surface like a playground or basketball court for kids. Pretty cool right?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yard Sale Treasure Map

Since it's summertime, that means yard sales. Not only can you save money, meet your neighbors, and hunt for hidden treasures at garage and yard sales, you get to be green to boot. By buying used furniture and household items (or other funky vintage finds), you're reusing and recycling. Besides, it's always new to you!

We really like this cool new web tool to find yard sales near you:

The Yard Sale Treasure Map [via Renest] culls Craigslit and newspaper listings to create a complete show of all the sales in your area (no more following from sign to sign). Plus, it'll even figure out an efficient itinerary of all your stops.

Happy hunting!