Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eco|Consulting LA

We're privileged to tell you about the LEED Consultants at Eco|Consulting LA who are helping to make this fair city a sustainable one as well.

Anna Rosemann started Eco|Consulting LA two years ago as the perfect product of her business and real estate know-how and her passion for shifting that world to green.  

Now, she can consult with you to help you on your path to sustainable living and then pair you up with a member of her team of specialists who will help you pave the way.

So, if it's a lifestyle change big or small you're looking to make, a knowledgeable lifestyle coach or interior designer on staff will help you incorporate that change--be it green cleaning, amped-up recycling, or healthy, sustainable interiors that double as sleek, lovely, livable accoutrements.

If you're ready to green your structure's efficiency you can have a solar specialist or home energy performance expert give you everything you need to create that vision.

And if you're doing renovations or new construction, Eco|Consulting LA can send you an LEED certified or Green Point Rated professional to bring environmental principles into your design and construction from start to finish.

In a nutshell, Rosemann and her team offer:

consulting for lifestyle changes big or small. 
consulting to green your business from its very framework to its daily flow.
consulting to bring environmental principles to the design, construction and renovation of buildings.

Sometimes when you want to go to the next level of green, calling the eco-experts is the best first step.

Contact Eco|Consulting LA at (310) 684-3106 or Info@EcoConsultingLA.com.

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Anca said...

This is great! We do very similar work on the East Coast so I thought I'd introduce our company - Eco-Coach. We are now going on our third year and it has been wonderful. Happy to find more and more companies working to spread the good word!
Check us out at www.eco-coach.com.