Thursday, October 16, 2008

Green Your Halloween

Halloween is meant to be ghoulish, ghastly, and loads of fun.  So, how do you have a Green Halloween while still helping kids have a blast?

Here are a few ideas:

*Consider DIY costumes with stuff you already have at home.  Have a pillbox hat from Grandma?  Jackie-O is born. Or a fancy, blue dress? The Good Witch from Wicked.  You get the idea. A baseball uniform, old sheets, or a straw hat are all jumping off points for deliciously creative homemade characters.  

For adults, we really like what MAKE readers came up with a couple of years ago and its now sponsoring another DIY contest with a Green Halloween category!  Eco-crafters, check that out here.

*For face-painting and cosmetics, make sure you're getting non-toxic stuff.  You can check EWG's Skin Deep Database or opt for natural henna like the kits from Los Angeles company, Earth Henna.

*Ditch the plastic bags and get a candy-tote that can be used for years down the road.  We've got Chino company--Chico's--Trick or Treat Bags (designed by a kid we hear) for 7.00 in the store now.

*As soon as the weather's a wee bit cooler, we're going to be carrying some chocolate bugs from Grocer's Daughter, a still holiday-appropriate scary delight, but an organic, local option for the treats you'll be giving out.

*For decorations, opt for real, live pumpkins--gold stars for those grown locally and organically.  Carve em up, put a beeswax tea light inside, and compost em when you're done. 

*Stick close to home.  Skip the car and walk through your neighborhood--it'll save gas and congestion and show off costumes a whole lot better that way.

If you've got other ideas, please share them with us!

May you have a hauntingly green Halloween.

Photo courtesy of greenfeet.

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