Saturday, October 04, 2008

Project Laundry List

This isn't exactly a sustainable kitchen topic, but imagine a pleasant line of laundry outside your kitchen window (or outside your front door or in your shower) that lets the sun do the drying job marvelously, sans any energy-using machines.

Project Laundry List has started a movement to get clotheslines back in our lives.  After all, by drying more of your laundry the natural way, you'll save money, save gas or electricity, get the bleaching, disinfecting effects of sunshine, go without chemicals, and help your wardrobe last more seasons all while having a lovely time and getting freshly sun-baked clothes, sheets and towels.  

And with 186 not a cloud in our sunny sky days in L.A., there are plenty of hours to let our laundry soak up those rays.

If you decide to laundry line it, we've got a couple of clothesline options to help (9.99 to 18.50), along with all the old-fashioned clothespins you'll need to get drying.

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