Thursday, October 09, 2008

Grub: Make Your Kitchen Part of the Food Revolution

As it's Sustainable Kitchen month, and a time when we're all beginning to look ahead to making mouth-watering, community meals, we thought some grub might come in handy.  And not just the kind you eat.

The book, Grub, is a cookbook for the cook with action on his/her mind--action in the form of decadent, organic menus made from sustainably farmed ingredients.  It's a compendium of how to make an efficient, affordable organic kitchen and the recipes that make it happen, not to mention the music to set the mood.  We've got it on our shelf with our other useful (and sometimes tasty) agro references.

To get you in the spirit, here's a list of Eat Grub's favorite food books and films.  We especially like Babette's Feast and Chocolat.  

We'd also like to add the excellent, informative food doc, The Future of Food to the mix as a must-see for eco-foodies everywhere.


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