Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everything Bambu for Your Kitchen

Bamboo is a fast-growing and, thus, sustainable and natural plant material that can be made into all sorts of things from softer than soft towels to accoutrements for your kitchen.

And bambu is one of the premiere makers of bamboo kitchen essentials.

As holidays approach and things in your kitchen heat up, you may be looking for new versions of old things to accommodate your guests in a non-disposable, reusable sort of way.  

So consider modern, multi-colored bambu bowls to serve in and eat from--they're hand-shaped and finished with a waterproof, food-safe lacquer.

Indeed, bamboo is also used for cutting boards that are made from organically-grown bamboo.  Bamboo cutting boards have several advantages, among them that beyond being sustainable they are super hard, super durable, look beautiful, and are not very porous--keeping water and bacteria out.

For taking care of your new bamboo, we've got bambu's bamboo goo--a veritable spa treatment to keep your bamboo bowls, spoons, serving sporks, and cutting boards in ship shape.

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