Thursday, January 08, 2009

Green Resolution: No Waste Lunching

One way to lighten your footprint this year is to embark on the challenge of packing and eating no-waste lunches (there are ways to do this if you're someone who enjoys eating and carrying out as well).

All you need is your own, unique lunch kit with all your personal, no waste, eco-eating essentials.

*Reusable water bottle (think SIGG designs of all kinds) filled with tap water (option: filtered tap water). Check.  (And read more about the benefits of water on the go that foregoes plastic here.)

*Reusable hot drink thermos filled with your favorite fair trade coffee or organic tea (SIGG's got these, too, and they're sleek).  Check.

*Reusable napkin made of fabric (hemp's our favorite). Check.

*Eco-friendly, reusable--there's that word again--food container(s).  Here, the options really are endless. For sandwich lovers, the Wrap N Mat. For those carrying out their favorite food on the go, there's To Go Ware's stainless steel carrier. For little fingers whose little mouths need a snack, there's the Boon Snack Ball. And SIGG carries a number of aluminum boxes for different sized and shaped meals. Check.

*Reusable utensils like those from To Go Ware made of bamboo and housed in their own fold-up pouch for extra convenience. Check.

There's no denying that it takes some extra effort to plan ahead and gather your reusables before you leave for work or school or a day out and about; however, the effects are worth the efforts.  You get to have an elegant picnic, slow down to prepare and enjoy your food, and know that you're preventing all kinds of disposable waste from clogging our landfills for hundreds of years to come.  Plus, they'll be no more buying little plastic baggies!

The no waste lunch--just one more creative way to go green.  

Come see us for parts to operate your unique lunch kit.

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