Monday, January 05, 2009

A Greener 2009

It can be a truly meaningful experience to reflect on what we'd like to do differently in the coming year, write it down and take it out in 12 months to see how our intentions were met or transformed.

As I look over last year, this ASOG blogger is proud and excited that I was able to get a bike and ride it to meetings and errands, walk to the Silver Lake farmer's market most Saturdays, purchase organic cotton bedding, get a kitchen and shower water filter, install faucet aerators, purchase a couple of sustainably-made clothing items, discover some favorite green books and documentaries, and use only green, non-toxic cleaning supplies.  But there's always room to grow! 

And here is LIL's contest from last year of readers' resolutions full of more real person inspiration from using rags instead of paper towels, opening a green store, starting an office or school recycling program to biking to work two days a week, building a greenhouse, buying only local produce, using only natural beauty products and bringing meals to go in reusable containers--there is a torrent of good, green intentions to browse.

Feel free to share yours with us here or come into the store to get face to face inspiration and validation for your sustainable commitments from us!

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