Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day and Water on the Go

Happy Earth Day! We try to make every day Earth Day at All Shades, and this month we've been focusing on April Showers--WATER.

One of the best daily practices you can adopt to help the earth has to do with where you get the water you drink.

Disposable plastic bottles have a multitude of problems. They're petroleum products. They're one-use. They leach chemicals into your water. Many of them end up in landfills (8 out of 10 according to The Container Recycling Institute). Even those that are recycled can't be made back into plastic in a closed loop process like glass or paper; instead, they have to be made into something else--benches or bags or the like. And finally, discarded plastic bottles can end up in our waterways, polluting and harming aquatic systems and marine life.

28 billion plastic bottles are bought ever year in the U.S.; that's 845 per second.

The solution? Filter your tap water and take it with you in a reusable water bottle.

After all, tap water is typically better regulated than bottled as evidenced by this National Resources Defense Council study.

And Los Angeles has the tastiest water in the country according to this L.A. Times article!

We carry an excellent Aquasana water purifier system for your tap that gets accolades from Consumer Digest and will deliver, safe, great-tasting water for only 10 cents a gallon.

Plus, we've got a wide array of safe, durable aluminum SIGG bottles for kids and adults in different sizes and designs (starting at 16.99). SIGGs have an eco-friendly, solvent-free coating and a safe, water-based lining and leach absolutely nothing into your refreshment. We've also got the super cool new Metro Mug (29.00).

And, on Earth Day and everyday, if you ride a bike to the store, you get a 5% discount, every time.

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