Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sustainability From the Inside Out 2009 Workshop Series

We're proud to announce that our sustainability coach, Deborah of Creative Green, has cooked up a plan to breath new life into sustainable living this winter and spring.

ASOG is proud to present:

Sustainability From the Inside Out Workshop Series
January 24-May 23, 2009
Topics covered will include:

*An Introduction to Sustainable Living in LA
*The Sustainable Kitchen: Cooking for Personal and Planetary Health
*Breathe Easy: Creating a Non-Toxic Home Inside and Out
*How to Live Water-Wise in LA
*Energy Efficiency: It's Easier Than You Think
*Composting 101: Carrot Tops, Castings, and Creative Re-Use
*Organic Backyard Gardening

The plan: to give you a complete education about urban sustainability along with
tools and skills you need to go green (or go greener!) regardless of your income or how
busy you are, helping to transform your life from the inside out. 

Whether you are a beginner or old-timer to the process of “going green,” this workshop series promises to deepen your environmental awareness while helping cultivate more peace,
well-being and balance in your own life.

The bonus to being part of the series: In addition to monthly workshops, e-mail and in-person support and exercises will be available to you as well as a discount on All Shades of Green products throughout the series. Can't attend?  Just like school, there will be make-up sessions. 

For more information or to sign up, please call 323-665-7454 or email creativegreen@hotmail.com

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