Friday, January 23, 2009

Rebates, Credits, and Incentives for a Greener 2009

There are a number of programs in place to encourage Californians to go green in 09.

For one, there's Congress's economic bailout plan that extends a number of federal credits for Americans who want to make green home efforts and improvements.  See them all here.

For Californians, DSIRE lists incentives and rebates for residents of different cities and counties in terms of making efficient and renewable choices as they build and remodel sustainably. Check out the huge list of possibilities here.

The LADWP will give you cash incentives for making strides with efficient appliances, heating and cooling, insulation, and refrigerators.

And if you're a Southern California Edison customer, there are loads of ways to get paid back for your efforts there as well.

If not one of those two, check with your utility company to get plugged into its unique deals.

Finally, Find Solar can point you in the direction of a solar provider and also has this solar calculator that tells you how much your system might cost, minus any applicable rebates.

Before you take the plunge of purchasing or remodeling, you may be ready for a visit from a home performance tester who can tell you where you're losing energy and how to capture it, along with improving your air quality.  Find out more about that here or give us a buzz at the store for help with that as it's a service we now provide!  

Our sustainability coach can also walk you through your home and report back on what you can do to cut costs and go green this year.

We wish you all kinds of payback in all kinds of forms for the green efforts you make in your home this year.  Good luck and let us know how we can help!

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