Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wrap N Mat

Resealable plastic baggies are ubiquitous.  So widespread, in fact, that many of us hardly skip a beat or have a second thought when reaching for one to pop a peanut butter and jelly into.  The problem is that they cost money and are made of plastic, that substance that thirty years ago heralded a bright future and now conjures one that just plain isn't habitable.

Never fear--we have a replacement product that, like a SIGG, will help you save money and stop the plastic habit at the same time.

The Wrap N Mat was invented by a mom out of necessity on a day she had six sandwiches to pack and only three baggies to put them in.

Now, she's sharing it with you.  It's a placemat and sandwich compartment all in one--you just wrap up your sandwich, hook together the material, and you're ready to go.  Once home again, you can wash it air dray it and do it again tomorrow.  You can read all about the details here.

We've got Wrap N Mats in the store (8.29) and if you ride your bike, you get 5% off.

Lunchtime just got better.

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