Monday, January 19, 2009

Green Resolution: Cutting Back on the Car

One simple resolution that will cut back on gas and money spent while possibly bringing more health and well-being?  Ditching the car one day a week.

According to Car Free Days, every mile driven releases a pound of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So by taking just one day away from the steering wheel, you can make a big difference.  And, of course, the difference would be mighty if we all did this.

Plus, by using a human-powered mode of transportation if you need to get somewhere, you'll go beyond combatting climate change to investing in your own physical and financial health as well. I can attest to feeling healthier, happier and more connected to my community when I walk or bike around Silver Lake on errands and outings.

We'll also give you a little discount when you dismount from a bike or stroll, carless, into  All Shades of Green.

For more information on all things biking in L.A., check out these orgs who can help empower your pedaling:

And finally, find out some gems you can walk to in your neighborhood that you may have missed at walkscore.

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