Friday, November 28, 2008

Speaking of Saving Resources: Water

Eartheasy has 25 ways to help you save 10 gallons of water a day in your home.

And we've got a list of tools to help you as well:

Faucet aerators can reduce your water use by up to a gallon per minute (280 gallons per month)!  And they're easy to install and super inexpensive to boot.  Perfect for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Evolve showerheads reduce water flow to just a trickle once your shower is the perfect, toasty temperature.  So, if you're doing something else while waiting for the water to warm, you won't waste nearly as much to the pipes.

Showerhead shut off valves are simple and super-savers.  Just flip the switch while you're lathering up or shaving instead of having to mess with the bath fixtures.  Flip again when you need water again--a navy shower made easy.

Smart faucets operate similarly. When you're not pushing a convenient lever, the water flow stops at the sink to give you time to lather your hands with soap.  When you're ready to rinse, you simply lean on that lever again.

Shower timers will keep you on track for your desired water-conserving shower.

Shower buckets can be used to collect water while you're waiting for the stream to get hot enough--instead of going down the drain, it can be used to water the plants!

Time to get saving.

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