Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buying Local for the Holidays

We've gotten pretty well-versed in buying local, seasonal food. And in Los Angeles, we're lucky to have fabulous farmer's markets with delicious produce all year round.  Food grown nearby is more nutritious and fresher and saves big on fossil fuels compared to trucking it 1,500 miles from farm to family room. (Find your nearest Farmer's Market here.)

But what about other stuff, especially as we begin the hunt for holiday gifts?

By buying stuff for you and yours from an independent, local business, you support the economy of your very own community.  

According to Green Christmas, you also get to encourage what makes your neighborhood unique, get better, more personal service, promote competition and diversity, and make a huge economic impact in your own town (whereas if you buy from a big box store that money goes, well, somewhere else.)  

And on top of that, you get to cut down on environmental damage by getting more stuff that's locally made as well as locally sold.  Where else could you find incredible local, handcrafted soap covered in felted wool made by an employee at our local Trader Joe's?

We hope you'll stop in to see us and the other local, independent retailers, bookstores, service providers, and art galleries in Silver Lake and beyond as you plan your holiday purchases this year.  

(Here's a SL directory of local businesses and service providers; and here's a national one from the Organic Consumers Association.

After all, you can save gas and soak up the enviable fall weather by walking or biking to boot.

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