Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bring your own bag

Since it's Saving Energy and Resources month at All Shades, we want to share with you a tried and true way to save both that's so simple it has its own acronym: BYOB.

By bringing your own shopping bag to the grocery store, farmer's market and any other place where you leave with more than you walked in with, you save the materials and energy that go into making those throwaway bags.  Sure, you can reuse them, but why not go farther to reducing first? That saves petroleum, water, and trees at the start.

We know you're on board with this, which is why we carry Chico bags, Ecolution bags of all kinds, and our very own ASOG variety.

My Own Bag, has a whole host of facts and figures on bags and bag consumption worth checking out.  For example, the plastic bag was introduced in 1977 and we now use 14 billion of them in the U.S. alone every year, requiring 12 million barrels of oil to produce. (And those bags that seem harmless do harm thousands of marine animals and stick around for hundreds of years.)

Read even more on the subject of ever-present bags here.

To bringing your own this holiday shopping and eating season!

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