Monday, November 10, 2008

Saving Energy Product of the Month: Solio Classic

What could be more efficient than harnessing the sun's energy to charge up the gadgets we depend on every day?

The Solio Classic universal charger fans out to soak up the sun for all kinds of handheld electronic gadgets--cell phone, MP3 player, digital camera, you name it.  Plus, it cuts waste by cutting out all those separate chargers for separate gizmos.  This charges them all--in one place.

For every hour you charge the Solio Classic in the sun, it'll give you 20 minutes of talking time or 50 minutes of listening time.  So, if you can pop it in daylight for a longer period, you'll be charged and ready to go for longer.  Plus, it holds its charge and can be uses in the wall as well if you just have to stay indoors one day.

And, come into the store to get yours--it's not like we're lacking for sunshine, even in November, even in February around here.

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