Thursday, July 03, 2008

Celebrate the Outdoors!

Our theme at All Shades in July is CELEBRATE THE OUTDOORS.  We can't let our warm weather go to waste without some outdoor activities that connect us to nature, our communities, and each other.

Here are some resources that may come in handy as you plan your local outdoor excursions this summer:

*Heal the Bay's Beach Report Card: Heal the Bay tests our coastal waters monthly to let swimmers and surfers know if the beach they're frequenting is safe.  Each stretch of beach gets a grade, from A to F, according to the current bacteria levels.  Check here before the surf's up!

*TreePeople's Full Moon Hikes: TreePeople offers summer and fall evening hikes under a full moon that promise information about local flora and fauna and a good time had by all.  You can choose from a variety according to your fitness level or the age of your kids, should you bring them.  The next one is Thursday, July 17th. Learn more here.

* Full of parks, hikes, and bike trails, this is the online source for L.A. area mountain adventure planning.  Check it out here if you're cooking up a camping or wandering trip soon.

And for other outdoor celebrating, like picnics and concerts and barbecues, we've got all the stuff you need in the store.  Like what?  Reusable or compostable dinnerware, SIGG bottles galore, carry-with-you utensils and food containers, mosquito-repelling incense, and even the sustainable, stylish clothes (and walkable shoes) to wear while you're at it.


NHB said...

BTW, for Beach Report Card info, it's faster and easier just to Text your favorite beach code to 23907. There's more info here: www.healthebay/brc/sms

All Shades of Green said...

Thanks for the tip!