Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Compostable Dinnerware

Tis the season for outdoor entertaining.  So, if you're looking for some disposable serving ware that you can  feel confident about, we've got it.

Conventional paper or plastic plates and the like have all the problems associated with deforestation and plastic production--not something that helps ease digestion.

Enter Verterra, an amazing company that makes compostable dinnerware out of, get this, fallen leaves!  The only two ingredients are fallen leaves and water (80% of which is recaptured for reuse), making it a wise use of resources.  Without these plates, bowls, and platters, those leaves would likely be burned.  And they don't even use recycled paper or corn--both of which take more resources to produce no matter how you slice it.

You can use Verterra's products a number of times--they can be washed and even put in the microwave.  Plus, the company keeps tabs on its factory to make sure that the workers there are paid and treated fairly.  

Now you can serve, eat, reuse, and toss in the compost pile or bin where, along with your food, your plates will decompose and give you rich, fertile compost in two short months. (Even if you don't personally compost, these will biodegrade in the landfill a few hundred years before the plastic variety!)  And, they're pretty. Learn more here

We've also got some ecotainer items in the store for your disposable drinking needs.  You may have used one already at Cafe Tropical-- ecotainer's beverage are cups made from sustainably harvested trees and lined with corn as opposed to petroleum (ick), are chlorine-free and also compostable if sent out with your green bin to a commercial composting facility. 

Yes, real dinnerware is the best choice, but plates made from fallen leaves are surely a very, very close second.  

We hope you'll come see for yourself.

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