Thursday, July 17, 2008

Toys for Indoors (no batteries required)

We're celebrating the outdoors at All Shades this month, but there are also plenty of summer afternoons spent inside. So, when you can't be at the beach or on a hiking trail, the imagination is a good substitute.

We want to tell you about a couple of new products we've got for kids to let their imaginations fly when indoors this summer, no batteries required.

Crayon Rocks: Yes, we all love the nostalgic smell of crayons.  But while these may not smell like paraffin wax and look more like jumbo jellybeans, they are absolutely delightful and non-toxic to boot. 

Crayon rocks are made from soybeans grown in the U.S. and colored with mineral pigments.  Plus, they're designed by a special needs teacher to prepare little fingers for holding a pencil (and are especially beneficial for little fingers with sensory processing problems)--so while kids are playing, they're also training for school-type activities--our little secret! 

Little ones can come and choose a handful for 4.49 in our kids' section.

Eco-dough: Another take on an old favorite, Eco-dough is made from totally natural stuff like plants, veggies, and fruits with no chemicals allowed in the kitchen.  As you can see, the rainbow of colors doesn't suffer at all. 

Even the cornstarch containers are non-plastic and fully compostable.  And, according to certain very small sources, this stuff doesn't even dry out!

We've got Eco-dough for inside playing this summer, too.  Let the games begin.

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