Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Permaculture Workshop This Sunday

We're offering only one workshop during the (often vacationing) month of July, but it's one you won't want to miss.

Permaculture for Easy Living
with Melinda Joy Miller from the Shambhalla Institute 
Sunday, July 13th
6:00 p.m. to  8:00 p.m.
@ All Shades of Green

Permaculture design fits easily into modern needs for eco-friendly, green and sustainable design. This evening of discovery and discussion will explore how to use the principles of permaculture for an easier life, healthier land, and happier pets.

The lecture will cover the following:
· Definition & history of permaculture's sustainable technology.
· How permaculture aligns with feng shui.
· Solutions for building healthy soil.
· Placement of pets indoors or outdoors.
· Ways to attract butterflies and birds to your environment.
· What to place at the front door, kitchen or back door for easy living.
· Conscious landscape design that conserves water.
· Which plants offer good nutrition for you and your family.

Melinda Joy Miller has been studying permaculture and geomancy for over 20 years. She is a renowned feng shui master, medicine woman and cultural anthropologist with an extensive background as a sensorimotor-integrative therapist, with training in child and cognitive development. She founded the Shambhalla Institute in 1991 for the study and application of how environment directly impacts one's quality of life. Today the Shambhalla Institute has branches in Los Angeles, Orlando and Vancouver BC. Each branch offers eco-interior design, feng shui and shamanic consultations, training and retreats.

Contact Kim at the Shambhalla Institute for more information; call (323) 309-2945 or email

Pre-registration is required, so please call us at the store to reserve your spot at (323) 665-7454.

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