Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Buzzing Off, Naturally

We've got some perfect strategies for keeping bugs away from your dinners at dusk, ones that don't contain harsh pesticides.

A kinder, gentler way to discourage bugs and mosquitoes from cramping your style outdoors is to use incense or candles that contain lavender, sage, lemongrass, or rosemary.

There's the DANI lemongrass/lavender candle in two different sizes (5.50 or 15.00).  Made from 100% soy, it's totally biodegradable and totally non-toxic, unlike conventional paraffin candles that have lead wicks and are made of petroleum, often doing more harm than good. DANI's are soot-free, insect-repelling ambiance.

We've also got an array of incense and incense holders to help in this department.  Choose from Maroma sticks in a variety of scents or our bundles of fresh, dried sage.  Not only will sage help deter pesky pests, but Native Americans have been burning it for thousands of years to help clear negative energy and lift the spirit.  It smells lovely, too!

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