Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Little Green Bling

With warm weather and time spent outdoors come barbecues, parties, and clothes that show a little more skin.  If you're considering adorning that skin with some jewelry, we've got a few designs for you to consider that sparkle and accent without sacrificing an environmental conscience.  

We have a whole case of Verlu bracelets that are truly exquisite.  Designed by a New Zealander who now lives in Indonesia, all of Verlu's metal cuffs and wooden bangles show off materials from that part of the world, while respecting it and providing fair wages and perks for the locals who handcraft each piece.

One of our very own All Shades employee's concocts earrings and necklaces out of discarded bottle caps, hemp, and her own fine art nature photography.  Put those things together and you've got truly unique, whimsical pieces that model reusing while being beautiful.

And there's more.  Our sustainable jewelry collection also includes Bottled Up Designs, adornments made from antique glass the artist rescues from pockets of Pennsylvania's Amish farmland, often in nature amidst resting deer or clucking chickens.

That's not even all.  Speckled around the store, we've got other pieces like quirky wool rings, dangling hoop earrings, and glass tile bead necklaces to help you enjoy all that a summer
wardrobe has to offer, mindfully.

Supporting artists who support the earth is a pleasure all year round.

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