Thursday, April 03, 2008

Workshop in Review

Those of us who were lucky enough to be at yesterday evening's Sustainable Kitchen Workshop had an inviting, informative time of sharing, learning, and inspiration about how we can further our connection to food, place, the land, and the planet as a whole.

Staff Sustainability Coach, Deborah, led us in activities to get us plugged into our own food consciousness and then shared her veritable treasure of knowledge from her years living, farming, and cooking in a sustainable food community at the Zen Monastery Peace Center. 

Deborah covered shopping, preparing, storing, composting and everything in between.

She brings her practices there to city living in a way that emphasizes awareness, non-judgement, and FUN!

Among the many, one resource I took away is the importance of buying shares in Community Supported Agriculture as a way to directly know, support, and enjoy the fruits of organic, biodiverse, sustainable farming--the kind that can heal the planet and our relationship to food.  One farm Deborah recommends is Tierra Miguel Foundation in San Diego. The farmers there drive up with boxes of goodies once a week.  You can get the details and join up here.

You can also find other wholesome, sustainable food options at stores and restaurants in your community at the Eat Well Guide online.

And, come check out the Zen Monastery Cookbook and a number of other food-related books at the store to give you ideas of how to let the fresh fun begin in your kitchen.

We hope you'll join us at next Wednesday's workshop: 

The Non-Toxic Home
Wednesday, April 9th
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 
Donation only.

Please pre-register by calling (323) 665 - 7454 or by emailing


Erin said...

I wanted to thank you for mentioning the Eat Well Guide. Your sustainable kitchen workshop looked like alot of fun! Check out our new and improved site where you can sign up to stay updated, search for local events, or download widgets for your blog ( Stay tuned for the launch of our travel tool, an interactive feature that will allow users to map out their route and find local, sustainable food along the way.

All Shades of Green said...


You're welcome; it's a great resource and we hope it will grow. Looking forward to the travel tool...