Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Composting Workshop Wednesday

The last of our Earth Month donation-based series is tomorrow night.

We hope to see you at the final installment:

Composting and Recycling With John Lyons
Wednesday, April 30th
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
@ All Shades of Green

Composter extraordinaire, John Lyons of The Woven Garden (an organic landscape company), will teach participants why and how to compost kitchen scraps.  Not only can you reduce unnecessary waste going to landfills, you can also make the richest plant food around, for free. Your garden is sure to feast on your leftovers!

Workshop topics covered:

*Composting, including the various methods such as passive, active, sheet and in-ground.
*Vermicomposting: how to set up an outdoor, year-round worm bin and how to harvest and use castings.
*How to create great soil by using compost, worm castings, homemade liquid amendments, emulsions, cover crops, mulching, leaf mold, seaweed, and a soil microbiology overview.
*How to recycle in your garden.

We hope to see you tomorrow evening.  And if not, we carry worm bins for those of you who want to start with easy-does-it vermicomposting.  Come and check them out!

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