Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clean, Chlorine-Free Showers

For the last day of April and the end of our water theme, we wanted to share with you how you can have a cleaner, healthier shower year round.

Easy to install Rainshow'r filters dechlorinate the water drizzling overhead for safer showers.  They remove 90% of any chlorine present and unlike many filters, don't use carbon to do the job.  Here's how they work:

Chlorine is often added to city water supplies as a disinfectant, and if you don't want to drink it, you probably don't want to absorb it through your skin and lungs in a shower either.  Other benefits?  Since using my Rainshow'r filter, my skin and hair feel much softer and less dried out: an added bonus.

These can easily be refilled with replacement filters (we carry those, too) and are compatible with low-flow showerheads--an absolute must!

We've also got Rainshow'r crystal ball bath dechlorinators, which are perfect for protecting kids during baths.  You just drop one in the tub at bathtime, and it lasts a whole year before you need to replace the filter pouch inside.

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