Thursday, April 03, 2008

April Showers

Some of us have a hard time doing what we know we "should" when it comes to showers in order to save water.

ripple, a brand whose products we carry has some inventive solutions.

We've got its shower timers, a yellow duck and a blue star, each of which is a digital timer you can suction to the wall of your shower.  When the alarm sounds, it's time to towel off.  This is a great device for those of us who resist ending a relaxing drizzle or who aren't exactly accurate about how long our showers really last (15.50).  

There are also some old-fashioned timers that suction to your shower wall for those whose vision allows them to see when the sand has siphoned to the bottom of the hourglass (3.00).

Our special water tools table in the store also holds a collapseable water saving bucket that you can use to recycle bath water or fill up with the first seconds of cold water that flow before you hop into a warm stream (12.00).  Afterward, you can use it to wash dishes or water some potted plants.

And remember, if you ride a bike you get a 5% discount on anything in the store.

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