Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Water Month at All Shades of Green

Our theme this month is WATER--something precious in Southern California.

So, all month look here for water-related products for your garden, bathroom, kitchen, and even on the go, as well as water tips and resources.

And, if you stop in the store you'll find an array of tools to conserve and clean your water.

To start, in the spirit of water month and spring cleaning, is the Lucky Earth Waterless Car Wash (formerly known as Green Earth Waterless Car Wash).

This is a spray on, a water-based, eco-friendly car wash solution that doesn't require any water!  You simply spray it on and wipe it off.  Jeff and Lisa Peri started the company to provide alternatives to chemical cleaners that were making their daughter sick.  The worst culprit?  The cleaners used at the car wash.  So, they made their own.

Why is this important?  Washing cars uses loads of water.  And, if you do it yourself, you're being industrious and self-sufficient, but if you're doing it in a driveway or on the street, all that contaminated water is running off the streets through the storm drain system and down the L.A. River all the way to the Pacific.  (If you still want to wash your own car and use a bucket of water, your best bet is to wash with natural, biodegradable dish soap and to do it on your lawn versus the pavement--that way the grass and earth absorb the natural soap)

And you can buy a bottle in the store (25.00).

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