Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Low Down on the Composting Workshop

We had a fantastic turnout yesterday evening for the Composting Workshop--22 people came out to join expert John Lyons of The Woven Garden.

For those who missed it, here are a few tidbits you can take to your own backyard.  And, if you want more help, stay tuned for an Organic Gardening Workshop next month with Deborah.

A couple of tips from Composting 101:

Forget the city green bin if you have a garden.  Everything that's going in there can go into your compost bin instead--it's part of the perfect recipe for nutritious soil.

Balance your greens (nitrogen-rich items like kitchen food scraps and grass clippings) with your browns (carbon-rich items like newspaper, wood shavings, and dried leaves). 

If you're looking to heat up your compost pile and don't have access to manure (no cows on your property?), just buy some alfalfa meal and add it to your compost--it'll do the job, too.

And, as you look ahead to next fall, you can collect all of the dead leaves that drape your property in a bag and tie it up.  Setting it aside for a year will create leaf mold, one of the most nutrient-rich soil amendments around that can be spread, sparingly, on your soil.  (Good things like leaf mold come to those who wait.) 

Best of luck!

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