Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nonprofit of the Month: Tierra Miguel CSA

CSA is becoming a better known acronym. And that's a good thing!

What is a CSA? It stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a partnership between the growers and eaters of food where we, the eaters, get to support a local farm, the growers, who are doing right by the earth and our table.  

At the Tierra Miguel Foundation, a CSA in San Diego County, that means supporting a farm that is using truly sustainable farming practices--organic and biodynamic. The way they grow vegetables restores the soil and produces a bounty that is both beautiful and nutrient-rich. Pesticide-free, water conservation, compost as fertilizer, and crop rotation--all these are part of the package. 

And Tierra Miguel is actually more than a farm, it's a nonprofit and a demonstration farm too, with a mission of educating Southern California (from school-aged kids to seasoned chefs) about sustainable farming techniques.

How does it work? You simply make a pledge to support Tierra Miguel through the growing season and it delivers fresh, organic produce to a location near you in return. You pick it up and are ready to get cooking and sharing. (Deliveries are made within about a 100 mile radius, one-tenth of the average distance food travels to get the grocery store.)

For more ideas about eating sustainably and with your good health in mind, sign up for our upcoming Sustainable Kitchen workshops! Or come in the store for all the sustainable, healthy cookware, books, and utensils you'll need for your evolving sustainable kitchen.

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