Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Coinciding with our promotion of loving food and enjoying sustainable eats this month, we're happy to have noticed that Naturewell has opened its doors (and this blogger has been in once so far).  Now Silver Lake has its very own bulk bin!  

So after your farmers' market produce shopping on Saturday, you can head over to Naturewell for bulk items like grains and beans--that means healthy brown rice, quinoa, black beans, and whole wheat flour sans packaging. 

A third of household waste is from, not stuff, but the packaging our stuff is wrapped in. By buying in bulk, you eliminate all that plastic and paper going to the waste stream. That is, if you bring your own sacks or jars to collect your goodies in. (We've got the perfect bags for just such a purpose in the store.) 

By BYOB-ing from farmers's stalls to Naturewell's bins, you can create a truly zero waste food shopping experience you can feel good about.  And let's not forget how much better food tastes when it's mindfully gotten and prepared. 

Here's to good food, without the fancy plastic dressing!

3824 West Sunset in Sunset Junction 
(323) 638 - 5894

I can't forget to mention that Naturewell's also  got organic juice combinations to keep you healthy and keep you coming back for more. We'll be seeing you there, bulking up all the way.

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