Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emile Henry Ceramic Ovenware

Announcing our Product of the Month: 
Emile Henry ceramic cookware from Burgundy, France.

These baking dishes are not just another pretty bowl for your table (though they are that). Each dish is made from Burgundy clay by what was and is still a family business.

These products are:

*excellent for heat distribution and retention.
*extremely durable.
*easy to clean.
*totally food safe.

Not only that, but on green subjects other than cooking itself, this cookware definitely cuts the mustard. All the packaging is recycled and recylcable and the clay (and non-clay) ingredients are both natural and biodegradable. No lead and no cadmium will be found in the glazes as they adhere to strict CA Prop 65 standards. Even the gases emitted from Henry's kilns are filtered before being released into the atmosphere

We highly recommend being part of the Emile Henry tradition of good quality, safe and healthy ovenware that pays homage to the earth as well.

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