Saturday, February 21, 2009

For the Love of Healthy, Sustainable, Home-Cooked Food

All Shades of Green Owner, Liza, shows us how it's done again (you can see her planting project here); this time, in honor of our month's theme, cooking at home with her family.

In her sustainable kitchen, Liza, her husband, Akira, and her daughter, Hannah, cook at home and get the good times rolling, mixing, and baking together. And beyond shared family time, by cooking and eating in they're getting better quality, healthier food and indulging in some creativity while they're at it.  Being in a routine of cooking at home, they continuously add new dishes to their repertoire, looking online for recipes and then making them their own.

As for sustainability, by cooking their own food most days, Liza and her family are reducing trash when they can skip the packaging and buy whole foods or in bulk. And since they compost, most of what they don't eat goes straight back to the soil.

Not only is Hannah's mood improved when she's asked if she wants to share in baking a cake, she's learning skills and enjoying whole foods at the same time.

See some home-cooking in action:

And check out healthy, organic recipes for your own sustainable kitchen at Delicious Living.

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