Thursday, February 26, 2009

Global Green's Pre-Oscar Party

Our very own green fashionista, Tracey, who selects all the sustainable clothing you'll find on the All Shades racks, attended Global Green's Pre-Oscar Party last week.

What is Global Green?

It's Southern California's very own environmental non-profit that works on a global scale, creating sustainable cities and other climate change-curbing efforts. For example, it's working on rebuilding a greener New Orleans and has a whole resource center for green building in Santa Monica.

But back to the party.

(That's Tracey on the left.)

Tracey reports that a large portion of Hollywood turned out in support of the Global Green Pre-Oscars event. And a lot of other Angelenos showed up, too--the eager line wound around the block in organized chaos. 

Celebrity supporters including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sheryl Crow, Gavin Rossdale, Kate Bosworth, Rosario Dawson and Neil Patrick Harris who all joined Global Green to celebrate and support Green Schools--G.G.'s new effort to lighten schools' footprints and create healthy classrooms for the kids inside them.

Tracey's report:

"I missed the first part of the show but arrived in time to see Gavin Rossdale perform acoustic guitar. It was a rare treat to walk into the event and be greeted by the music of the former lead singer/guitarist of Bush.

Sheryl Crow followed performing songs the crowd all seemed to know.

All in all the evening was a teeming with people all friendly and happy to be out in their glad rags in support of a really great cause."

For those of us who missed the big bash, at least we can still get involved at the Global Green website. Then we'll get the news about party time next year...

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