Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zero Waste Lunch Gear

We've got all the gear you need to achieve a zero--waste lunch for all the to-go lunchers in your household.

For sandwiches, behold the wrap n mat, which we've blogged about before, a reusable sandwich sleeve that eliminates disposable plastic sandwich baggies, saving money and resources.

For hot or cold lunches that go beyond a sandwich, we carry To Go Ware stainless steel carriers. This inspired, two- tiered food carrier is something you  can bring along with your own meal already packed or you can bring to a restaurant to be filled with the meal that's been made there for you.

For little nibbles between meals for little nibblers, there's the super-popular Snack Ball from boon.  It's food safe and strong enough to endure all kinds of crushing and tumbling.  And, of course, it's totally reusable.

Finally, for meals that require more than opposable thumbs, we've also got the To Go Ware bamboo utensil packs. Lightweight and, need we say, reusable, this handy pack contains any eating tool you'd need, be it chopsticks or fork, knife or spoon.

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