Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School Month

As if you didn't already know, September is Back to School Month.  So, we're taking our thematic cues from all those book-toting students of all ages out there and stocking the store with what you or your little scholar might need.

As a preview, here are a few things to focus on when choosing supplies and planning school days:

Prepare a waste-free lunch.  That's one whose packaging is all stuff that can be recycled, or better yet, reused again and again.  Reusable lunch containers are all the rage for learners and eaters big and small.

Choose totally recycled paper for notebooks and loose-leaf sheets, or paper from an unusual source that's tree-free and sustainable (more to come on those options!).

Bring your bottle!  A working brain is a thirsty brain, and same goes for a body. So, we've got SIGG bottles of all shapes and sizes so you can take water with you and skip the plastic bottle that's toxic for you and the world.

Consider sustainable, non-toxic writing utensils and markers.  Just think of all the throwaway plastic pens in our landfills.

And finally, you'll need something to carry your stuff in.  We've got bags for digital and old-fashioned school supplies made of wonderful stuff like hemp.

Come in and see if there's anything on your list that can be rethought and made green.

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