Friday, September 12, 2008

Banana Paper Notebooks

Back to School just went bananas.  Banana Paper Company makes notebooks and paper supplies from, you guessed it, bananas, along with coffee, pineapples and other agricultural by-products in Costa Rica.

Tree free.  Acid free. Eco-paper indeed.

Check this out: 10 million tons of banana stems (pinzote) are thrown out every year.  Same goes for coffee beans--ripe ones have a thin shell/peel that's tossed before the beans go to market. So, Banana Paper rescues these agricultural wastes and turns them into something useful--namely paper and notebooks for school, journals, or any sort of project. (They've also got sturdy covers and can take a backpack beating.)  

Even in our digital world, the U.S. consumes 100 million tons of paper each year.  With cooky, conscious Banana Paper, that paper can come free of trees.

We've got a number of fun designs in the store that you just might go bananas for.

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