Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All Shades of Green

Since we're all at different places on our paths to sustainable living, all different shades of green if you will, we try to provide products for every stage of the journey.

So, if you're the forest green of a seasoned eco-liver, we've got stuff for you.  Or, if you're the lime green of a tender new shoot, we've got plenty of things for you, too.

This product is in the latter category. If you haven't gutted your kitchen of all things plastic and invested in glass or stainless steel storage containers, you can feel good about hanging onto all those plastic baggies still in your cupboards knowing they will no longer be one-use items.

With a plastic bag dryer, at least you can reuse baggies for a reasonable number of times by simply washing each with soap and water and hanging it on this compact drying rack.  It's especially good if you're going to be using those baggies for non-food items--then these can be reused for a very long time indeed. And, there are probably other ingenious uses for this sustainably harvested gizmo when you've moved on from plastic bags.

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