Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Sustainability Coach Shares: Interview With Good Food

We're proud to announce that Deborah, our store Sustainability Coach, was recently on KCRW's excellent program, Good Food with Evan Kleiman.

Please listen to the eleven minute segment by scrolling down the page here.

And here are her simple seven secrets of sustainability in that favorite room of the house in case you missed last Saturday's workshop:

Tip #1 - Consider the types of food you will buy.

Tip #2 - Always store foods in ceramic, glass containers and stainless steel/aluminum containers.

Tip #3 - Pay attention to ways that you can conserve energy in cooking.

Tip #4 - A sustainable kitchen has the potential to create zero waste.

Tip #5 - Grow your own herbs and vegetable.

Tip #6 - Bring awareness and compassion to our relationship with food.

Tip#7 - Prepare yourself to be more sustainably "on the road" by carrying an "urban eco-pack."

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