Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seeds of Change

If you walk in the store this month, you'll notice that we're focusing on Organic Gardening--our table is filled with things to help you forge your way toward organic and beautiful shrubs, bushes, fruits and veggies. 

One thing we've got on that table is a basket of seed packets from Seeds of Change.

Seeds of Change produces over 600 kinds of organically grown seeds on its farm, preserving organic agriculture and plant biodiversity for all of us to enjoy.  This is such important work as many seed varieties are threatened by the monoculture farming methods that prevail in our times. If nobody preserves the seeds, those varieties of tomatoes, yams, and peas will disappear.

Here's what the folks there have to say:

"So, by us and you growing gardens rich in diversity, we improve our own health and that of the environment while doing our part to conserve our planet's and gardeners' genetic legacy for future generations. With diverse plantings, we provide habitat for beneficial insects and critical pollinators and give ourselves varied diets which provide more complete nutrition."

And as for growing your own organic produce, there's just nothing quite so satisfying.  Whether it's a Barbara Kingsolver-style garden, one container of zucchinis this summer, or a pot of basil on a windowsill, everyone can get in on the action in his/her own way. 

And, give us a ring at the store to find out more about our Organic Gardening Workshop this Sunday at a private home in Los Feliz. (323) 665 -7454.

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