Friday, May 23, 2008

Healthy Kids Workshop in Review

Here are two tips from our "Raising Healthy Kids in a Toxic World" Workshop last weekend led by Sustainability Coach Deborah and Shelley of Green to Grow.   

There are so many toxins coming at us and our families that it's easy to feel bogged down and anxious. With that in mind, it's crucial to cultivate an empowered approach by knowing the facts and then making informed, calm, healthy decisions you can feel good about.

1. It's super important to stay away from plastics, as we're hearing more and more about how they can leach into our food and bodies.  So, take a look at the bottles, food storage containers, and toys your little ones come in contact with and consider ways to change or eliminate those with plastic.

All Shades carries Green To Grow bottles that are Bisphenol-A and Phthatlate free.  Here is Green to Grow's reading list of books and sites for creating healthy, green nurseries.  

We've also got Plan Toys, an excellent option for parents looking for safe, environmentally-sound playthings.  Plan Toys are made from untreated, recycled rubberwood and are manufactured in such a way that honors the world and the worker.

2. You can actually help clean the air in your child's nursery by adding indoor plants to his/her room.  Look for ivy and plants in those in the helix family as they're especially good collectors of toxins.

We wish you and yours good health, and if you missed this workshop, check back for future forums for parents.

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