Thursday, May 08, 2008

Smart Gardening Composting Program

As it's Organic Gardening month at All Shades, we want to share with you an excellent COMPOSTING resource in L.A. County.

We all have food scraps, no matter how much we lick the platter clean--banana peels, carrot tops, apple cores, egg shells, and the like, along with other waste like leaves and paper that go in the green or blue bin on pick up days.  Why send them away in the garbage truck when they can provide the optimum nutrition for your own backyard.

Smart Gardening is part of the Department of Public Works Environmental Programs Division. This program hosts a number of FREE composting workshops throughout the county for those who want to get their feet wet with composting or the very wormy and delightful, vermicomposting.

At the workshop I went to, there was even a raffle for one lucky participant to bring home a free bin.
(We've got worm bins at the store if you aren't so lucky.)

This year, the folks there are even offering advanced workshops for those interested in water-efficient irrigation, landscape design basics, California-friendly, and the nuances of soils and fertilizers.

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