Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Laundry

In honor of the official start of spring, the All Shades of Green staff thought we'd tell you about a product we're nuts about:

What are soap nuts?  They're the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry tree.  Each nut contains saponin, a natural cleanser released when the nut gets wet.  People in South East Asia used to clean their clothes with soap nuts for thousands of years, long before Tide hit the scene.

The beauty of Maggie's Soap Nuts is that they're totally natural, sans artificial fragrances and chemicals that can irritate our skin and airways and eventually wash out to sea, polluting waterways and the ocean.  And, one tree produces literally hundreds of kilos of nuts every year that fall to the ground, begging to be collected and put to good use.

All you do is put some soap nuts in the cotton sack provided, throw it in your washing machine, and go about laundry business as usual, naturally.

And, stop by the store and pick up some soap nuts for truly fresh spring laundry (11.00 for 16-20 loads; 19.99 for 36 loads; 36.00 for 200 loads).

Happy spring!

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