Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simple Shoes For Spring

All Shades has a great selection of spring clothing on its racks, including Simple shoes.

One employee favorite is the women's Toe Stir (82.00).

Simple is making a real difference by producing shoes that leave a much smaller footprint.

Let us demonstrate:

the Toe Stir is made without any animal byproducts.  Instead, it contains natural, good stuff like hemp, bamboo, latex (rubber) and coconut.  Not only that, this shoe practices the second R (reuse)--it's got 100% post-consumer paper pulp and the outsole is made from recycled tires.  If only we could all trade in our tires for a good pair of walking shoes!

We hope you'll come in and check out our selection of shoes that will put some spring in your step, without the environmental footprint. (We also have last season's women's Campers for sale.)

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