Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Solar Cookers

Sure, you could use a solar cooker for a camping trip, but for those of us in sun-lavished parts of the world, a sun-powered oven could come in handy nearly every dinner time.  

Solar Cookers International has been manufacturing solar ovens for over two decades, and their work goes way beyond selling a cooking alternative that is clean, convenient, and completely non-polluting.  

In fact, this non-profit has provided solar cookers for 30,000 families in Africa who would otherwise have to travel by foot to look for firewood, sometimes over dangerous terrain.

And to support the cause and experiment with a new way to cook culinary delights, you can purchase your own solar cooker at All Shades of Green.

We have a basic cooker (only 30.00) as well as a whole kit and kaboodle with the cooker, roasting pan, cookbook, and water pasteurization indicator (70.00).

Barbecues will never be the same!

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