Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Smart Power Strip

Energy month continues at All Shades of Green and we have another gadget for you that will go the distance in being green and saving green.

The Smart Power Strip has gotten a lot of attention lately, for good reason. 
With any power strip, you can click off the power being sucked by so-called vampires, appliances that drain energy even when not in use.  But remembering or having the time to do that can be tough.
The Smart Strip senses which devices are not being used all on its own (that's why it's smart!) and cuts off their power automatically, no clicking off on your part required.

So, you can plug your computer into the "control" outlet and if it's being used, all related devices plugged into the other outlets--printer, fax, lamp even--will have electricity flowing to them.  But the moment you stop using your computer, the strip cuts off the flow of electricity to it along with all those other peripheral devices.

You can get up to go to lunch and your energy supply takes a lunch break, too. 
This is a very helpful tool for places besides the office, too.  Anywhere that has a bunch of stuff plugged in could benefit from a Smart Strip like the kitchen counter or that corner of the living room with the T.V., DVD, cable box, and stereo all plugged in.

We've got Smart Strips with seven outlets in the store now (34.99).

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