Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nonprofit Spotlight: Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition

We're turning our attention to eco-friendly travel this month at All Shades. And what's a more environmentally savvy way to travel around town than on a bike? It takes a little more effort, but the payoff is huge. By opting for two versus four wheels, you opt for health, activity, and being able to look around and interact with your neighborhood. 

As for facts and figures, here's what you opt out of by cycling according to
California Bike Commute:

*12 bikes can fit in one vehicle parking space.
*More than half of Americans live only five miles from their place of work [even though it doesn't seem like it].
*100 bikes can be produced using the energy to make just 1 car.
*Driving consumes 43% of the barrels of oil Americans use every day [that's a little under half of 17 million].

And, from the EPA:

*U.S. transportation in 2006 accounted for 29% of its total greenhouse gas emissions. Cycling produces zero pollution!

And according to GOOD, it only takes 16 burgers (we're hoping tempeh burgers) to fuel you to go 350 miles on a bike while a sedan takes 13 gallons of black gold. Now that's fuel efficiency.

All that to say, if you're convinced and are looking for a bike resource in L.A. County, enter the Los Angeles County Bicycle  Coalition. It's a nonprofit driven by membership that works to make L.A. more bike-friendly for everybody.

And it's got a lot of ways for you to hop on and get involved.

Here are two:

This weekend, Sunday June 7th
@ The Autry Center in Griffith Park
There will be six rides to choose from 10 miles to 100 
(and one for tykes on bikes, too!)
Music, Rest Stops, and Eco-Fun

Car Free Fridays
Bike commutes the last Friday of every month

Plus, the LACB site has links to all kinds of great resources (tips, safety information, bike shops and more) like this Bicycling Street Smarts Guide

Find out about membership and check out the calendar

And most importantly, don't forget your bike.

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